Under Contract


What to expect when your property is under contract

Establish A Business Relationship With A KENARRI Realtor

We don't expect you to call us when you are 100% ready! When you decide to purchase a property, there are usually many decisions to be made. What is your budget? What type of loan or lender is best for you? How much down money do you need? We strongly encourage buyers to build a business relationship with an agent to make a plan together, no matter if your goal is a week from now, a month, or even a year away. Let's work together to meet your goals.

Pre-Listing Appointment

What is a pre-listing appointment? It's a conversation. An opportunity to discuss your time line, your properties advantages/disadvantages & current marketing trends. Once we visit the property we then have the information to preform a CMA.


A CMA is a Comparative Market Analysis. We find comparable properties that sold over the last 6-12 months to give you a good idea on what you can expect your property to be sold for.

Marketing Plan

Now that we have discussed possible repairs, pricing and your timeline... we have what we need to create our plan to market your property.

Time to List

Once its time to officially put your property on the market, we will complete photos and other things mentioned in your marketing plan.

Showings & Offers

We will review showing feed back comparing it to our marketing plan and make adjustments as needed along the way. All offers will be presented to you regardless if we think you may or may not be interested.

Sellers Assist

Normally the seller does not pay for your closing cost. That is something you see in larger cities on tv. What does Sellers Assist mean? Sellers Assist is where the seller allows you to use the equity in a property to finance your closing costs. So yes, you as the buyer are financing your closing costs with a "Sellers Assist."

Negotiating Offers

Your agent will explain to you the details of any offers and may make suggestions for negotiations, prepare you for the requirements based on the buyers lending type and what expenses you might expect for the transaction. Once both Seller & Buyer agree on terms you will be officially under contract.