Buying Process



Establish A Business Relationship With a K E N A R R I real estate division agent

We don't expect you to call us when you are 100% ready! When you decide to purchase a property, there are usually many decisions to be made. What is your budget? What type of loan or lender is best for you? How much down money do you need? We strongly encourage buyers to build a business relationship with an agent to make a plan together, no matter if your goal is a week from now, a month, or even a year away. Let's work together to meet your goals.

Choose an Agent

Agents are people too! We all have personalities, we are all different, and you must choose an agent you feel comfortable speaking to. Be faithful to your agent. We can help you with any property, not just our listings. That means no, do not click that contact agent now button on 3rd party property search sites. Just contact your agent so they can help you.

Choose a Lender

Different lenders have different requirements. Based on your credit score, down money, and property type you are looking to purchase...there are many options for you to choose from. Talk to your agent about your lending needs, and they can give you recommendations on what lenders would be a good fit for you.


A pre-approval is very important. It tells us what price range you should be looking in, and it also tells us the loan type. The loan type depends on how much money you can put down, how much of your closing costs you can finance and what condition the property must be in. A pre-approval is necessary for your agent to help guide you through the buying process.

Property Search

Once you have secured financing, it is time to search for a property that meets your needs and your lending needs. Discuss the location, property type, and must have's with your agent so they can help you with the search.


Be open-minded at showings and try to look past the seller's items. Look at what you are considering buying, like the roof, the floors, the shower condition, and the property layout. Things like that.

Sellers Assist

Normally the seller does not pay for your closing cost. That is something you see in larger cities on tv. What does Sellers Assist mean? Sellers Assist is where the seller allows you to use the equity in a property to finance your closing costs. So yes, you as the buyer are financing your closing costs with a "Sellers Assist."

Making an Offer

Congratulations! You found a property you are considering purchasing. Your agent will talk to you about a price to offer, as well as other conditions you may expect to negotiate with the seller to meet your loan type.

Negotiating Offers

Your agent will explain to you the details of any offers and may make suggestions for negotiations, prepare you for the requirements based on your lending type and what expenses you might expect for the transaction. Once both Seller & Buyer agree on terms, you will be officially under contract.